Tuesday, March 10, 2009

World's First & Only Flexible Fingerprint Sensor Made By E-Smart Technologies Inc.

Flexible, Water Proof, ESD Proof
0.2mm Thick Fingerprint Sensor

Starting from left: Dr. Jang, Mr. Tamio Saito, the CTO & SEVP of e-Smart Technologies Inc., General Manager Matthew Jung from P&E Center of e-Smart Korea Inc., and an assistant engineer of Dr. Jang

The evaluation kit for the sensor

An image of 日, this is from Japanese 1,000 Yen bill.

An image of 국은, from 한국은행 printing of Korean 10,000 Won bill.

The cash bill is the most dried condition for fingerprint sensor and it has been the most difficult problem to solve.

However this new flexible sensor can read the prints on the bill.
It means the new flexible sensor can read any fingerprints regardless the humidity condition whether it is wet or dry.

Matthew Jung is checking his own fingerprint.

The side view of the sensor with FPCB

As seen on the video, the sensor is fully flexible.
This sure is the World's very First and the Only Flexible Fingerprint sensor.

Water-Poof Test on the Flexible Fingerprint Sensor Video File:

Some eye-drops are dropped on top of the flexible sensor, and it still senses the fingerprint. It works on all kinds of environment. Wet or Dry!!

New Flexible Sensor Video File: