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Tamio Saito

Tamio Saito has been a pioneer in the area of Biometrics Security and Smart Card and Thin Film Semiconductor Image sensor area as well as Multiple Level memory, Memory Modules, which enables digital camera, World first note book PC development (under Librex, even before Toshiba’s), Pre-historical development toward PCMCIA card . This experience in Toshiba R&D, Nippon Steel and it’s venture Librex Computer Systems, Inc., Solidas Corporations, BigBang Technology, Inc. (e-Commerce pioneer), stimulated the new SECUSIRTY PARADIME, Biometrics Personal ID System.
He initiated world first Biometrics ID concept in 1982 and that patent has been granted as JP 1809417.

This business has been carried by e-Smart Technology, International, Inc. (Formally IVI Smart Technology, Inc.) and e-Smart Technology, Inc. He developed the smart card with fingerprint sensor but matching calculation is made within the card. Fingerprint template is stored on the card, and if the card holder put his fingerprint, MPU in the card compares the newly captured fingerprint against the template. If fingerprint matches, card ISO communication is validated. May secret communication protocol and encryption further leverage the security. The patent has been granted as USP 7278025. Tamio further made wireless powered card with General Manager of wireless lab of e-Smart, Marcello Soliven, who invented wireless power and signal method. This enables obtaining power 120 mW from normal ISO 14443 A/B reader as well as digital communications. Actually card can be compatible to any wireless protocol if we wish.
Tamio further developed a flexible, waterproof, ESD proof fingerprint sensor using stainless steel substrate with Chief Biometric Officer of e-Smart, Teruhiko Tamori, who is denoted as an inventor of semiconductor fingerprint sensor, pressure fingerprint sensor and Dr. Jang, who is also professor of University, who is denoted as pioneer of metal foil LTPS semiconductor circuit. .
Tamio also set up manufacturing in Korea, and the production is being held in Korea. The cards were distributed or purchased by around 40 companies or Governmental Organizations in Korea and Italy.
His development and manufacturing has been fully supported by engineers, manufacturing stuffs of P&E Center in Korea.
Korea provides least expensive and highest quality manufacturing and high quality, hard working, very loyal engineers. Korea is the security country where high percentage people are using credit card, national ID has fingerprint and front to North Korea. Korean Government and Korean Large Firms have been tremendously supportive to e-Smart, which has been very contrasted to the States, where Tamio experienced three attempt of destructions.

I. Biometrics Personal ID
Tamio Saito, in Toshiba R&D Center, have developed amorphous silicon image sensor.
In Toshiba R&D Tamio had researched security system in the future since 1982 and filed the patent of Method of personal Identifications by Biometrics in 1983, the patent is granted in 1993-12-10 as Japanese Patent Number 1809417 has become first biometrics personal ID in the smart card in the industry.

This patent is broadly claimed and not only fingerprint, whatsoever physical or chemical information related to the body, including fingerprint (All BIOMTERIC SMART CARD infringes), retina, finger pattern, voice, hand pattern, blood vessel pattern (HITACHI infringes, All Banks using HITACHI Vessel infringes, All Card company using vessels infringes), DNA, but not limited to, in the smart card, used as the IDENTIFICARTION OF INDIVIDUAL.

II. Fingerprint Sensor Background

Tamio’s professional Background related to Fingerprint Sensor Development is shown in papers and or patents on biometrics, smart card, image sensor, thin film semiconductor, thin film device, circuit design, image signal circuit are shown below as list of some paper and list of some patents. Image sensor circuit and pressure sensor circuit are so much similar as below:

1) 5142381 Complete close-contact type image sensor August 25, 1992
A complete close-contact type image sensor which comes into contact with an original and reads information from the original and which includes a sensor element for photoelectro conversion of a light signal reflected from the original and electronic parts such as a driven unit for drivin

2) 5128781 Transmissive liquid display apparatus having a thin construction without diminished brightness July 7, 1992
A liquid crystal display apparatus comprising a liquid crystal display panel, plate-like light introducing means disposed behind the liquid crystal display panel, at least one light source receiving portion formed in the intermediate portion of the light introducing means, a light source

3) 4808833 Image sensors using a photo-sensing element array and matrix wires methods of manufacturing same February 28, 1989
An image sensor having first wires formed in parallel on a first region of a substrate; a semiconductor layer formed on the first region covering the first wires and on a second region of said substrate; first electrodes arranged in line, connecting to the semiconductor layer of said sec
3) 4803375 Image sensors and methods of manufacturing same including semiconductor layer over entire substr February 7, 1989

4) An image sensor, comprising a semiconductor layer formed on at least a first region of a substrate; first electrodes arranged in line and electrically connected to the semiconductor layer of said first region; and second electrodes arranged in line and electrically connected to said

5) 4772951 Solid state image sensor with cell array of amorphous semiconductor photoelectric converting ele September 20, 1988
A contact-type linear image sensor has two separate substrates aligned adjacent to each other. A linear array of amorphous silicon photoelectric converting elements serving as photoelectric cells and a matrix wiring unit are provided on a first substrate. Driver IC chips are mounted on a

6) 4719348 Optical sensor having heating element to heat amorphous semiconductor film January 12, 1988
In an optical sensor, a heating element is formed on a substrate, and an amorphous semiconductor film is formed on an insulating layer covering the heating element, and is electrically insulated from the heating element. A common electrode and a plurality of electrodes are also formed on

7) 4672221 Photoelectric conversion element with light shielding conductive layer June 9, 1987
A photoelectric conversion element comprises a substrate, a plurality of separate electrodes arranged in a row on the substrate, signal lead-out parts extending from the separate electrodes alternately to the left and the right in a direction perpendicular to the arranging direction of t

8) 4663535 Color image sensor May 5, 1987
A contact type color image sensor reads out a document image at its actual size while moving along the length of the document. The photosensitive cell arrays, each having pixel electrodes which prescribe n photosensitive cells (where n is a positive integer), are aligned on the substrate

9) 4654536 Contact color image sensor March 31, 1987
A contact-type color image sensor in which pixel electrodes are linearly provided in a main scanning direction and three (or four) rows thereof are arrayed in a subscanning direction, color filters for color-separating are provided to oppose the pixel electrodes, an amorphous semiconduct

10) 4617471 Image sensing device October 14, 1986
An image sensing device including an array of photovoltaic conversion elements on a substrate to convert incident light from an image plane to be read into electrical signals. The electrical signals are transferred to a plurality of signal reading circuits, which are constructed by a

III. SMART CARD (IC Card Background)

Tamio made the world first working Smart Card for Mitsui Bank while he has with Toshiba R&D Center. Tamio’s card structure is typically circuit and interconnection, using FPCB and or polymer printed interconnection.

* 特許1821820 ICカ-ド (1985)
* 特許1809417 個人識別方式
* 特許1798522 回路基板
* 特公平05-029958 ICカ-ド
* 特許1735031 ICカ-ド
* 特許1735025 ICカ-ドの製造方法
* 特許1735024 ICカ-ド
* 特許1735023 ICカ-ド (1984)
* 特公平05-005197 回路基板
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* 特許1698873 ICカ-ド
* 特許1698872 ICカ-ドの製造方法
* 特公平04-039798 ハイブリッド集積回路
* 特公平04-017478 ICカ-ド
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* 特公平04-016836 ICカ-ド
* 特公平04-016835 ICカ-ド
* 特公平03-070272 ICカ-ドの製造方法
* 特公平03-063779 ICカ-ド
* 特公平03-063778 ICカ-ドの製造方法
* 特許1613005 回路基板の製造方法
* 特許1607417 集積回路装置
* 特許1607416 ICカ-ド
* 特許1601335 回路基板の製造方法
* 特公平02-039877 回路基板の製造方法
* 特公平02-033198 ICカ-ド
* 7278025 Secure biometric verification of identity October 2, 2007
A high security identification card includes an on-board memory for stored biometric data and an on-board sensor for capturing live biometric data. An on-board processor on the card performs a matching operation to verify that the captured biometric data matches the locally stored biomet
* 5185516 Card-type IC-mounting board February 9, 1993
A card-type IC-mounting board for detachably setting in a selected type of device, and for controlling predetermined external equipment relating the device. The card-type IC mounting board includes a card-type base plate made of an insulating material of a predetermined size, and an IC-b
* 5150047 Member for use in assembly of integrated circuit elements and a method of testing assembled inte September 22, 1992
An apparatus for assembly and testing of an IC element having a first section designated for primary functions of the IC element and a second section designated for testing of the IC element, including a substrate made of a film of insulating material and having an IC-mounting portion
* 5142381 Complete close-contact type image sensor August 25, 1992
* 5049980 Electronic circuit device and method of manufacturing same September 17, 1991
Plural semiconductor elements are buried into an insulating substrate, and top surfaces of semiconductor elements and the substrate are in a same plane. A photosensitive dry film is covered on surfaces of the substrate and semiconductor elements. The photosensitive dry film has openings
* 5031022 Film carrier for mounting IC chips July 9, 1991
An IC chip is packaged on a film carrier. The film carrier comprises an insulation film and many conductive leads formed on the insulation film in predetermined patterns. Each of the leads has an inner lead portion to be connected to a terminal of the IC chip, and an outer lead portion t
* 4878098 Semiconductor integrated circuit device October 31, 1989
A semiconductor integrated circuit device according to the present invention comprises a chip substrate formed of a semiconductor. Formed on a surface of the chip substrate is an integrated circuit and a plurality of chip terminals which are located to the outside of the integrated c
* 4754319 IC card and method for manufacturing the same June 28, 1988
In an IC card according to the present invention, a base sheet formed of thermoplastic material is sandwiched between a substrate sheet and a dummy sheet both formed of nonplastic material lower in thermoplasticity than the base sheet. The substrate sheet is fitted with at least one IC c
* 4751126 A method of making a circuit board and a circuit board produced thereby June 14, 1988
A circuit board is prepared such that at least two resin substrates are laminated and bonded by thermocompression, a circuit pattern made of a resin composition containing a conductor material is formed on at least one of opposing surfaces of the substrates, a region of the substrate
* 4644093 Circuit board February 17, 1987
A circuit board comprises a substrate made of a semi-insulating or insulating material, an insulating layer formed on the substrate and having a lower dielectric constant than the dielectric constant of the substrate, and a plurality of wiring conductors formed at predetermined inter
* 4621190 Card with an IC module November 4, 1986
The credit card includes an IC module having a data processing function, an insulation body for holding the IC module, and a plurality of terminals which are formed on the insulation body. The plurality of terminals are first and second contact pads to which a drive power and a data sign
* 4370699 Printed wiring board for recording or displaying information January 25, 1983

CHAPTER II Prior R&D Activities on Fingerprint Sensor

I. R&D in live body detection (under BBT).
R&D in University of San Francisco using Mouse with medical and DNA, metabolism R&D professional, invented the method to measure the electrical characteristics of active body. Initiated biochemical activities by electronical method. Identify activities liver, heart, muscle etc, by the method.
Applied this method to sense live finger detection. Patent filed.
Patent has been assigned to e-Smart International.

II. Patents on Biometrics verifications card under e-Smart International ( IVI Smart) :
*US Patent 7278025 - Secure biometric verification of identity

III. Other Pending Patents under e-SMART.